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We’re more mobile than ever before

As a nation some 94% of us use a mobile or tablet to find local information. That means that more and more people, your potential customers are searching with a mobile to find you. Add to that google will prefer content that is mobile firendly when displaying results for those using a mobile.

Mobile google web stats

What’s a responsive website?

Gone are the days when users are happy to ‘pinch’ the screen to find content. We know and love responsive sites. What’s responsive? It’s a site that responds to the size of view needed and shuffles the relevant content around so the viewer has the best, clearest view of the information they need.

Increase Web Traffic

Increase Conversions

On mobile and desktop, a responsive website means your visitors’ experience is enhanced. So, it’s more likely they find what they’re looking for.

Incerease Audience

Grow your Audience

Search engines prefer responsive websites. Make sure you appear on Google mobile searches

Easy to Edit

Easy To Edit

Built-in content management system. Easily edit text and update images, at no extra cost.