Happy Birthday Ma’am

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Indeed what other story would be more appropriate than to mention the Queen and her 90th birthday. So happy birthday Ma’am we hope you have the day you want to have… I wonder what that day is though? A topic that would lead to many wild ideas as to just what she could be doing today – if it wasn’t for the formal functions that she’s no doubt requested at. Also what to give the Queen on her birthday, let alone her 90th?

So printing and the queen, she no doubt has one of the most reproduced images around the world, being printed on our bank notes and minted on coins for the most part of the last century. Soon, we’ll see a shift from paper money to synthetic ‘plastic’ notes in the UK. I for one am quite looking forward to the change, as with our new range of fabric displays and more items that are printed onto synthetic matirials that offer a more robust surface to print on and subsequently a more versatile range of uses.

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