Pop up Tablet Fabric Display Stand

ipad Tablet display stand
The Latest Addition to our Fabric Display Range.

Here it is the Padium Fabric Tablet Display stand. It’s neat, slick and a professional way to have that info/promo point with a tablet on display at exhibitions, shows, meetings and events.
The tablet is secured in place with a bracket which attaches directly to the metal frame inside the cover. The tablet can be positioned in either portrait or landscape orientation.
The cover is printed on the front and reverse, so you can completely personalise it to your brand – creating an impressive and professional looking display.
As with all of our fabric range of display stands and graphics, the strecth cover is machine washable, lightweight and easily fitted. While being simple to assemble and transport for convenience for you.
Would you like to know more? Get in touch and we can help you with your exhibition display needs at printing.com Norwich

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Pantone 448c

Pantone 448c

It’s called Opaque Couche and is probably the worlds ugliest colour and maybe in short a colour that your brand perhaps doesn’t want to be associated with.

The UK is planning to be using this colour as the sole colour that forms the basis of cigarette packaging.

Yep, it’s not an attractive colour but then smoking isn’t that attractive either. I’m trying to describe it to a few people, it’s kind of like a sludge, tar, incorrectly printed four colour green/brwon. It is however, perfectly suited to its task, so proving that even those unloved colours have their day.

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Grand Suede Folders

Presentation Folder

Welcome and say a grand hello to our finest folders.

They’re printed on a think 400gsm silk artboard in glorious colour on every side and flap. Then soft touch matt lamination is applied, they feel like suede yet look crisp like silk. Added to this we’ve discovered a way to print these at our lowest folder price ever.

What are they used for?

Presenting lots of information that could change, holding lot’s of client onformation, presenting that client brief or proposal in a professional way. These fit the bill every time.

Want soemthing that stands out even more?

That’s no problem, we can do these at A5 too, so not only do they have the impact of the larger brother but have that feel factor only a smaller sibling can demand.

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May is around the corner…

With May comes a few things: The end of the football season, warmer days, shorter nights, those early summer evenings, maybe the BBQ will get its first outing too.

What is also making a change is colours, gone are those warm rich winter colours of deep red and heavy green and in are warm fresh colours. Vibrant reds, orange, yellow and fresh tones like lemon and warm greys.

We like to use colour at printing.com and colour that’s just right for the time of year and mood of your potential clients can really make a difference. So take a few moments to think about what you’re promoting now and ask yourself if this would be more effective with a slightly tweeked colour combination.

If you’re not sure, just give us a call and we can work our magic…

Right, so where’s that wire brush for the BBQ?

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Happy Birthday Ma’am

Hello and welcome to all and the new blog/news feed from printing.com Norwich.

Indeed what other story would be more appropriate than to mention the Queen and her 90th birthday. So happy birthday Ma’am we hope you have the day you want to have… I wonder what that day is though? A topic that would lead to many wild ideas as to just what she could be doing today – if it wasn’t for the formal functions that she’s no doubt requested at. Also what to give the Queen on her birthday, let alone her 90th?

So printing and the queen, she no doubt has one of the most reproduced images around the world, being printed on our bank notes and minted on coins for the most part of the last century. Soon, we’ll see a shift from paper money to synthetic ‘plastic’ notes in the UK. I for one am quite looking forward to the change, as with our new range of fabric displays and more items that are printed onto synthetic matirials that offer a more robust surface to print on and subsequently a more versatile range of uses.

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